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Lunch & Learn : Students

'Lunch & Learn' Sessions

Join Quirky Kid psychologists and students who need our professional input to complete school assignments. 

In these online Lunch & Learn sessions, our team will share knowledge of Child Psychology practices and research, encourage independent thinking and provide some inspired constructive feedback about your assessment. 

Students often contact us for help on school projects that require input or professionals.The sessions are a chance to ask questions or take in information from other students. 

During these sessions, students will be given opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the role of a Child Psychologist
  • Gain feedback on assessment questions
  • Be encouraged in inspired thinking and ideas for school work 
  • Submit questions for review* 

* As the clinic receives a high volume of requests not all questions can be answered, as a result only selected questions will be answered in each session

About the Psychologists 

Our team is committed to sharing practical strategies to support children and families through innovative practice and sound research. This session will be facilitated by one or more QK psychologists. You can find out more about our team online.

Who Should Attend? 



Regular Monthly Sessions 

  1. Friday June 12 at 12pm
  2. Friday July 10 at 12pm 
  3. Friday August 7 at 12pm


Online via video link. This event will be recorded. You will receive a link for the session when you register. 


The cost is free.

Remember to have ready:

  • Internet connection with a web camera.
  • A pen and paper for note-taking
  • Headphones or a quiet location.