Workshops & Programs

We enjoy presenting interactive workshops for toddlers, children, adolescents, families and professionals. Our programs are available in the clinic setting, and in some cases, available for use in schools.

Our workshops have been creatively developed by Kimberley O’Brien and the Quirky Kid team, with over 16 years in the Child and Family field. We strive for innovation to make sure our programs are inspiring, practical and effective for small groups in the clinic setting or demonstrative for large audiences in an auditorium. Quirky Kid workshops draw on our micro-skills in working with children combined with current research and practices in Australia, the USA and UK.

The Today Show has featured a story about our workshops. Watch the video here.

Some of our programs are available for sale and use in schools. Visit:  and for more information.

More about our clinic-based workshops

Our clinic-based workshops playfully address many common childhood issues such as managing anxiety, improving social skills, understanding separation and divorce,  building self esteem and making yourself happy. We work from the child’s perspective and use evidence-based group work techniques to encourage participation and learning in a therapeutic environment.

Check out the available clinic-based workshops by visiting our workshop registration pages.

About our school-based programs

We facilitate our programs in schools, our talented team delivers effective and engaging programs. We also publish and produce programs that can be used in the school setting by teachers, school counselors and other professionals working with young people. They are complete with workshop and facilitator manual.

Most recently St Catherine’s School (Waverley) Moriah Colleague, Cranbrook School, Illawarra Grammar school (TIGS), St. Thomas, St Catherine and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (MCA) have commissioned one of our whole class workshops.

Some of our programs are available for sale and use in schools. Visit:  and for more information.


Our programs and content are available for licensing to schools and publishers worldwide. Please get in touch.

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