Mission and Aim

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest standard of professional practice while also producing an original range of effective therapeutic resources for parents and professionals working with young people around the world. We are committed to maintaining and improving our position at the forefront of developmental psychology and mental health both in Australia and internationally.

As a team:

We aim to maintain our enthusiasm, professional standards, commitment and sense of humour, on a daily basis to ensure that our clients are as nurtured as our own families and communities.

As a Developmental Clinic:

The Quirky Kid Clinic aims to actively contribute to the community by empowering children, adolescents and families to reach their maximum potential in terms of social, emotional and behavioural functioning. To do so, we are committed to using the most accurate psychometric tools for the purpose of assessment and evidence-based interventions to achieve the best results for children and their families. Through the interests of the young person we will strive to maintain the balance between clinical outcomes and play-based mediums.

The Quirky Kid Clinic will also continue to contribute factual information to the media in order to ensure an accurate image of young people is presented to the wider community.

As a Publishing House:

We aim to combine our clinical expertise with our innovations in therapeutic resources by publishing practical tools and psycho-educational materials. This ensures that parents and professionals working with young people and their families have the most engaging and effective tools to communicate easily and aid the prevention of mental health issues.

The Quirky Kid Publishing House aspires to develop and produce the most effective and most sought after therapeutic resources in the world, based on their appeal to the young people they aim to engage and empower.


As a Social and Community Development Organisation:

We aim to share our expertise and experience in social and community development, especially regarding children, adolescents, and families.

We are committed to collaborating with the greater community, NGOs, government agencies and international development agencies to ensure communities have access to effective solutions, that are based in a Human Rights framework, a Social Justice philosophy and a Community Development approach.