School Days Project

The School Days Project was developed by the Quirky Kid Clinic and is dedicated to promoting school culture and the wonders of multiculturalism by providing interactive educational material to school children and their teachers.

School Days aims to share valuable insights into cultural diversity based on the experiences of school students from around the globe.

To this end, School Days has travelled to as many as 52 different countries collecting images and interviews addressing the intricacies of school culture, such as the contents of school bags, styles of school shoes, diverse jewellery and hairstyles, popular playground games and school transport.

The Project was published as a book by a Brazilian publishing house “Aymara“. The Book is now used by school students around Brazil. Find more about our program:

  • Visit our the old school days website at:
  • View more photographs from the project here.
  • Enquire about our practical presentations on diverty, schools of the word and integration. Presentation have plenty of props for all ages and stages.