The Quirky Kid Clinic is committed to the local and international community by engaging in several community development projects. Our community development projects are founded in a Human Rights framework,  a Social Justice philosophy and a Community Development approach. Clients can benefit from the following initiatives:

We have developed and contributed to other International & Australian projects in the following ways:

  • We consult for the CiCTP project from STARTTS providing community development support for newly arrive refugee communities in NSW.
  • We created the The School Days Project – A school-based project researching  School Culture  in 52 different countries;
  • Supporting PhD research at 8 Sydney-based independent schools to improve self-esteem and transition between year 6 and year 7.
  • We donate $1 from every consultation to two overseas projects in India and Ghana.
  • We offer discounted or pro-bono presentations for not-for-profit organisation such as the NSW branch of the YWCA.

Find out more about our community projects here.

Human Rights framework, a Social Justice philosophy and a Community Development approac