Early Intervention

The Quirky Kid Clinic can offer a range of clinic, school or community based early intervention services for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other social and communication difficulties. Our early intervention services provide a great opportunity for children and families to enhance the child’s development, provide support and strategies for developmental delays or prevention through early detection.developmental delay.

Children funded under FaHCSIA for the Early Start and Better Start and can assess our services with their funding or medicare rebates. However, many plans are now moving to the NDIS.

The Quirky Kid Clinic is now a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Children funded under the NDIS can now access our services with their funding.

Our services include:

  • Evaluations and assessments – we conduct an initial evaluation of the child’s social, cognitive and/or adaptive functioning to assess the possible interventions for the child (when a previous assessment was not completed). Following this, Systematic evaluations are also conducted to monitor progress  and on completion of the intervention program, a final evaluation is also conducted to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. You can find out more our psychological assessments on our website.
  • Group based interventions – programs such as our ‘The Best of Friends’ and other tailored programs are used to help develop the social and communication skills necessary for building and maintaining relationships with others.  Subscribe to our dedicated workshop mailing list to find keep up to date.
  • Parent child groups/sessions – family based interventions are conducted by our educational and developmental psychologists and behavioural intervention experts, and are used to work with families, around a craft bench,  to develop skills, expectations and family goals.
  • Parent training workshops  – are also offered to parents and/or carers to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to deliver specific interventions for their child, within their home environment.
  • Innovative models of service delivery can also be provided to children and families living in rural and remote areas. Including:- ASD specific resources
    – On site assessments
    – Tailored behaviour interventions (SPECTRA)
    – Telephone or video conferences
  • Resources – we have a variety of resources available for children with ASD that can be ordered through The Quirky Kid Shoppe. We will also source any resource you require. Try us out, we are really good!

As you would expect from any specialist service, our services are based on current evidence-informed research and practice findings. We review our approach by engaging in regular training, supervision and research findings.

How to Contact us

Quirky Kid counts with a dedicated collaborator, employed 3 days a week to coordinate all your needs. Contact Julie Co in 02 9362 9297 or email program@quirkykid.com.au