The Quirky Kid Clinic is one of Australia’s leading Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology Clinic based in Sydney and Wollongong (Austinmer). Established in 2007 and now a ‘iaccelerate company ‘ (a business incubator for growing business at the University of Wollongong), Quirky Kid counts with an experienced team of professionals who are motivated and inspired by our daily interactions with children, adolescents and families.

Under the direction of Principal Child Psychologist, Dr Kimberley O’Brien our clinical team delivers specialist care to clients aged two to 18 years at our clinics in Sydney and Wollongong. Our interventions are evidence-based, practical and designed to engage young clients.

In addition to our clinical services,  Quirky Kid is also a niche publishing house producing unique therapeutic resources for young people and families. In addition, we also have published award-winning programs like Power Up and The Best of Friends Program, used in various school around Australia. Our tools have one various award like Book Industry Innovation award (2016) and the Best Educational Resource (Primary, Humanities (2014).

Quirky Kid regularly consults for organisations and brands like Lego, Panadol, Cartoon Network, Pilot Pen and many others. We love helping organisations to create positive products and messages to children and families.

We would love hearing from you.

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