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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Recently, the Quirky Kid Clinic worked with school staff and students at the Illawarra Grammar School in Wollonong  to facilitate the popular ‘The Best of Friends ™’ in the classroom setting.

Illawarra Grammar School in Wollonong - The Best of Friends Program

The 6 weeks program covered areas such as Making Friends, Social Skills, Empathy, Compromise, and Peacemaking in friendships. 

Students participated in a range of activities including painting, play dough, role play, and presentations while discussing the finer points of friendship and playground issues.

Each child was given a “Quirky Kid Tool Kit” including materials for the day as well as making use of the Quirky Kid Resources. We are very satisfied with parental and school feedback on the positive outcomes the workshop has achieved so far.

Illawarra Grammar School in Wollonong  staff were incredible supportive and showed great commitment toward students social development.

  • If you would like some information on ‘The Best of Friends™ workshop for your child’s classroom, please contact us on 02 9362-9297
  • This program has been present in many schools around Sydney like Moriah CollegeSt Thomas, St Catherine’s School and others. We also run our workshops in Sydney, Wollongong, and Melbourne.



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