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Welcome Dr. Kathryn Berry

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Dr. Kathryn Berry : A Clinical Psychologist
I’ve recently joined the Quirky Kid team, here in Austinmer, as a Clinical Psychologist. I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology/Master of Science at Sydney University in 2006 and have worked in both community and school settings. I have always had a keen interest in helping children and families, and started off by volunteering on a young offender program and as a tutor for disadvantaged children at the University of Sydney. From there, my studies provided me with expertise in assisting children, adults and families with a range of mental-health related presentations.

During the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology/Master of Science degree I gained theoretical and practical knowledge in the assessment and treatment of mental health disorders and enjoyed placements within hospital and community settings, using a variety of evidence-based psychological interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Some of my experiences included working in an acute inpatient setting for children, working within a family-therapy context and working with adults with clinical Anxiety and Depression. My doctoral thesis examined the efficacy of a resilience-building program for anxious-bullied adolescents and yielded promising results which have been published in the Journal of Adolescent Health (2009). I have enjoyed working in the school system as a School Psychologist prior to my move to the Quirky Kid Clinic, which really consolidated my keen interest in working with children and their families.

Why have I moved to Quirky Kid Clinic?

My move to the Quirky Kid Clinic was motivated by personal reasons, to build a better work-life balance for my family, and professional reasons, to work in an environment which fosters the unique qualities of children while providing cutting edge, evidence-based, psychological care. The Quirky Kid Clinic speaks to my ideals of helping children overcome life’s hurdles in a fun, creative and child-centred way. The Quirky Kid Clinic is a fun and exciting space to work from and I am enjoying working within a supportive, creative and caring team environment.

What are my skills?

As a Clinical Psychologist, I have specific and unique skills in the assessment and treatment of mental-health issues in children and families. I have expertise in formulating and diagnosing mental illnesses and psychological problems and work from an evidence-based approach. I have qualifications in conducting a range of behavioural, psychological and cognitive assessments and as a consequence, tailoring the treatment to be relevant, engaging, productive and solution-focused with children and families.

What will my role be at QK?

My role is essentially to provide sound, evidence-based psychological care for children and their families. This often involves me consulting with teachers and other health professionals and may involve family-based sessions as well as individual therapy with the child.

In addition to seeing families, my role is also to participate in the development of Quirky Kid programs and resources such as an anxiety-management program called ‘Why Worry?’ and a social skills-based program called ‘The Best of Friends’. I will also be writing resources for our corporate clients like Fairfax media’s website, Essential Kids, and plan to publish resources on the Quirky Kid Website, www.childpsychologist.com.au.

It really has been a wonderful start for me at the Quirky Kid Clinic and I very much look forward to meeting with you and working with you as a client or colleague in the future.

Please feel free to contact our reception on 02 9362 9297 for any enquiries or further information.


A new face at Quirky Kid Sydney

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

We are proud to introduce Julie Co as our new Early Intervention Specialist. Julie will be coordinating the service delivery for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental difficulties in collaboration with our psychology team.

Our New Early Intervention Specialist - Julie Co

Julie Co has had extensive training and experience as a senior applied behaviour analysis (ABA) therapist and is currently working on gaining her registration as a provisional psychologist. She has been providing early intervention for children on the spectrum since 2004 and draws on her skills and current research to develop and implement individualised early intervention programs and strategies. Her full biography is available on our website.

With a focus on outcome, functionality, and practicality, Julie provides ABA therapy as part of a well-rounded intervention program that targets various aspects of the child’s daily life. Such as:

  • Behaviour management and cognitive development
  • Developing social skills and communication

About our early intervention:

We recognise the growing need for effective and well coordinated Early Intervention Services for children with an ASD and will focus on delivering individualised and outcome-focused programs for our clients in Sydney and Wollongong. This initiative will include the following:

  • Delivering individualised intervention programs and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy in the clinic, home, and school settings;
  • Facilitating specialised workshops for parents, carers, siblings and families;
  • Facilitating “The Best of Friends” and other Quirky Kid programs.

Visit our Early Intervention page: https://childpsychologist.com.au/service/early-intervention.

If you would like more information about Quirky Kid Clinic, Julie Co, our Early Intervention Services or another enquiry, we would love to hear from you. Please call us on +61 2 9362 9297 or contact us.