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Cartoon Network & Quirky Kid

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

The Quirky Kid Clinic, Cartoon Network and Torah Bright (Winter Olympic Gold Medalist) have collaborated on a project in the search for 10 Australian girls (aged 5-12 years) identified as positive roles models for tween girls, known as “The search for Gwen’s 10”.

Kimberley O’Brien, our Principal Child Psychologist and the Quirky Kid team played an important role in developing the  survey questions and providing consultation in regard to the following tween qualities. Gwen’s 10 Tweens are:

  • Confident and Hardworking
  • Honest and Loyal
  • Friendly and Compassionate
  • Quick-witted and Individual
  • Adventurous, Levelheaded and Smart
The search for Gwen’s 10 - Cartoon Network and Torah Bright

Image Copyright – Kitty Beale

Recently, Torah visited s Catholic schools to meet some of the girls.

If you feel you meet any or most of the characteristics above and want to be recognized as an example for other Australian tween girls, head to http://www.gwen10.com/ and complete the survey.

Together with a panel of experts including Editor of Total Girl Magazine, Amanda Nicholls, Kimberley O’Brien, Torah Bright and the ever-confident Gwen Tennysen (Ben 10) will inspire girls to stand up for themselves through Cartoon Network’s “Search for Gwen’s 10”.

The Quirky Kid Clinic works with organizations – small and large – providing support for the development of projects, programs and products. Find out more in our About us section on this website or meet some of our clients.

If you are from the media and would like to find out more about the campaign including some research findings, see: Gwens 10 Media release.


YWCA Mentor’s Breakfast

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Kimberley O’Brien, our principal child psychologist, was a guest speaker at the YWCA Mentor’s breakfast on Wednesday, 8th July 2009.

Kimberley addressed the mentors about the positive impact mentoring has on children and young people’s lives, and how they are making a positive difference by volunteering their time and energy.

YWCA’S Big Brothers Big Sisters Program is a nationally accredited program.

Through YWCA’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program each year around 160 children benefits from having a Big Brother or Sister.

Mentoring brings about profound positive change in the way these young people feel about themselves and how they view their world. YWCA research suggests that Children with a Mentor as opposed to those without were:

* 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
* 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
* 53% less likely to skip school

The Quirky Kid clinic also offers a mentoring program. The Quirky Kid Mentoring Program is a dynamic non-judgemental and responsive mentoring project providing young people with the opportunity to develop the skills to implement changes in their lives.

The unique approach of the Quirky Kid program allows greater flexibility and accountability to refer sources as it works in conjunction with therapy. We achieve outstanding results with community-based support.

Contact us for more informations.