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We’re Moving!

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

It all happened so fast! One minute we were working at maximum capacity, the next we have room to stretch our limbs and our collective QK imagination!

Our new space is 150 metres away from our existing Woollahra (Sydney) clinic and is bursting with innovation. Opening on 1st July 2012, the clinic, publishing house and new Quirky Kid Lab will be a welcome surprise for all our clients and colleagues at Suite 2, First Floor, 83-85 Queen St, Woollahra.

You can still contact us on our phone number: 02 9362 9297. Our email info@quirkykid.com.au also remains the same.

This is a huge step for our small business and a clear sign that our commitment to clients and to the field of Educational and Developmental Psychology is for the long term. Quirky Kid has experienced fantastic growth over the last 6 years:

  • Our team has provided intervention to over 2000 families;
  • Our publishing house has experienced local and international recognition for our growing range of quality resources;
  • We opened our second clinical space in Austinmer (Wollongong) to better cater for clients outside the Sydney metropolitan area;
  • We’ve engaged with delegates and speakers at conferences in Australia and achieved our first overseas Keynote Address at the largest educational conference in South America.

Moving forward:

Taking stock of our achievements and planning the next leg of the journey is all part of moving. There’s something about a new workspace that helps fast tracks existing projects and plants the seeds for an exciting line-up of new initiatives coming your way in 2012 and beyond. Right now, we are on track to:

  1. Publish our first program: Power UpUsing Performance Psychology to Compete at your Best by psychologist Belinda Jones. This program will be available for school and clubs.
  2. Launch ‘The Best of Friends’ program for the school setting: This much anticipated Social Skills program by Quirky Kid will be making it’s debut as a school-based program available for teachers with a unique workbook and facilitators manual.
  3. Introduce the Quirky Kid Lab: A research-based consultancy service specializing in Educational & Developmental psychology providing insight to schools, media outlets, PR companies, government and non-government organizations (NGOs).
  4. Consolidate our overseas exposure by visiting our distributors in Canada and meeting our QK counterparts in NYC (Yippee)!

We love doing what we do:

So, why write programs, offer research-based consultancy and travel great distances to connect with colleagues?

The answer is – We want to have more to offer the young people and families who confide in us.  More stats, more tips, more anecdotes and more data to draw on. After all, Quirky Kid is a team of practitioners at heart, with a soft spot for listening to children and families..and with the skills to make a significant difference to every client on a daily basis. What an awesome combination of social change, creativity and travel!

Why not be part of our new chapter? We invite new referrals, new consultancy opportunities and new collaborations to kick off our new venture from the 1st July. Come and join us!

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