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Service Update: Welcome Michal Fisher

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Service update: Welcome Belinda Nixon and Michal Fisher.

I recently joined the Quirky Kid Team in Woollahra. I completed my Master’s degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology through Monash University in Melbourne. As a psychologist, with a background in Ed & Dev, my focus is on how to assist people to maximise their potential by developing their skills and learning abilities.

Over the past several years, I have had a variety of experiences in the field which blend together a range of hands-on practical experience, academic research and training. I was employed as a core member of the Education Support team in an Independent school with a large number of students with a range of intellectual and developmental disabilities. I have also worked as an ABA therapist for children with autism.

My first research project focused on the relationship between sleep and attention in children, identifying strategies to enhance attention and concentration of children in a school environment, and my most recent research project addressed the need for improving work skills of adults with autism.

During my Master’s Degree I completed an internship at Krongold Clinic in Melbourne and at Quirky Kid Clinic in Sydney. My work involved assessing children and adolescents using a wide range of cognitive, academic and behavioural assessments, writing reports to parents and schools that enabled them to develop learning strategies, carrying out diagnostic assessments and providing goal-focussed and evidence-based interventions.

Why I have moved to Quirky Kid?

My husband and I recently moved to Sydney. For this next chapter, I was looking to work at a clinic that harnessed my values, skills, knowledge and experiences so far, whilst also presented me with new challenges and opportunities to further my experience and research. The team at Quirky Kid is dynamic and creative and they make the clinic a fun place for children (and staff) to come to. I love being able to work as part of a team and to learn from each other. The team atmosphere facilitates open communication, the ability to brainstorm ideas and as such, I am very excited to be working here.  

What are my skills?

My particular area of expertise is in conducting both clinical and psychometric assessments and in tailoring intervention programs to meet the individual needs of children and families. I have also had extensive experience facilitating group workshops and programs.

What will my role at QK be?

My role at the Quirky Kid clinic in Woollahra will be to provide assessments and evidence-based interventions to individuals. I will also be involved in facilitating a range of Quirky Kid group workshops offered at the clinic, as well as training others how to facilitate our programs.

I am really excited about being a part of the Quirky Kid team and look forward to working with everyone associated with Quirky Kid.