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Bully Blocking @ Mivision

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Kimberley O’Brien, our principal child psychologist, discussed kids wearing glasses and its implication on bullying with writer Melanie Kell for the Mivision magazine. Next time you are visiting your optometrist , grab a copy of the magazine to find more about the interview. The key points Kimberley discussed were:

  • “Schools are becoming more competitive – intelligence is valued and glasses are linked to intelligence,” said Kimberley O’Brien, the Clinic’s Principal Psychologist.
  • That said, some kids just love to stand out. Ms. O’Brien from Quirky Kid Clinic described one patient who chose “very funky green glasses” that leap out rather then toned in. “Gemma tried to look individual and she was quite popular because of that,” she said.
  • The bottom line? “Children need to feel comfortable with the glasses they wear,” said Ms. O’Brien. “If possible, give them the freedom to choose their own frames.”

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