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How to be a Friend @ Practical Parenting

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Practical parenting magazine has just reviewed and recommended our new book – How to be a Friend’ on their last magazine edition. According to practical parenting, the book is: ‘the essential picture-filled guide for helping littlies aged three and above make friend and keep them, It’s great for building on social skills and teaching playground etiquette’

Empathy, sensitivity to others’ viewpoints, self-worth and the rules of conversation are just some of the skills that children can learn through their friendships and carry into their adult lives making it easier to develop positive relationships.

This engaging book, “How To Be A Friend”, was published by Quirky Kid as a tool to help children to manage bosses and bullies, while recognizing the qualities needed to develop genuine and consistent friendships. “Giving children strategies to create inclusive, friendly playgrounds is an advantage for every school community, and this book can help”, says Kimberley. “Teachers are now seeking social role models to eliminate the culture of bullying”.

Last night we also discussed this book with 2UE radio.

You can buy the book on line at the Quirky Kid Shoppe or at selected book stores