Power Up!

The Power Up! Using Performance Psychology to Compete at your Best.

This unique program, is designed for children and young people aged 10 to 15 years who are or want to be involved in sports, music, performance or academics in a competitive way.

Power Up! was awarded the Best Student Resource (Primary) in the Arts/Humanities category of the 2014 Educational Publishing Awards. In the words of the judges at the recent 2014 Educational Publishing Awards, Power Up!…

… is unique in its approach in helping students enhance performance to achieve success by identifying and improving cognitive strategies. Clearly presented, well designed and practical in its application, it delivers contemporary and relatable video content.”

The program offers participants with the opportunity to develop a unique set of psychological skills to improve their performances and manage the demands of competition.

The Power Up! covers six core areas of psychological skills training. Each skill contributes to a performer’s ability to effectively manage the sustained effort required in training and practice, as well as the pressure environment of competition or performance. The program aims to ensure participants gain an understanding of the following core areas:

  • Goal Setting,
  • Self-Talk,
  • Imagery,
  • Focus and Attention Control
  • Arousal Regulation
  • Competition planning.


Buy a 6 session package with a Quirky Kid facilitator (1 hour each) including the workbook + 6 months access to the online content.  Purchases are non-refundable. Session can take place weekly or fortnightly at a Quirky Kid office.


Intro Video:

How has the program been developed?

The Power Up! program has been developed based on the experience of Quirky Kid psychologists with their work with young elite performers at the Australian Institute of Sport, the ACT Academy of Sport and with young performers pursuing professional careers in the performing arts industry.

The program is supported by strong research in the field of performance psychology; all of the included skills being part of a comprehensive set of psychological skills practiced by the world’s elite performers.

More information on how to offer Power Up is available  in this PDF document.

How can my school use the Power Up! ?

Simple contact us or started the licensing process online. We will assist you with every step.

Power Up! is implemented, or has been implemented, by organisation like Gymnastic Australia, Football United and Illawarra grammar school to name a few.

The Power Up! program, inclusive of an illustrated workbook, comprehensive facilitator’s manual and options training, is available for sale now.  You need to complete a licensing agreement and satisfy the training requirements. Please head to http://powerup.quirkykid.com.au to start the process now.

More information on how to offer Power Up is available  in this PDF document.

To find out more, please contact us and we can call you.

Offering Power Up! privately.

To register and start offering Power Up! privately, simple head to the Power Up Website  and complete the registration process. Coaches, sport professionals, teacher and psychologist can offer Power Up! while generating revenue  from workshops.

Please head to http://powerup.quirkykid.com.au to start the process now.