The Quirky Kid Mentoring Program is a dynamic, non-judgemental and responsive mentoring project providing young people with the opportunity to develop the skills to implement changes in their lives.

The objective of the Quirky Kid Mentoring program is to encourage social and vocational activities in the community for young people aged 6 – 18 years. The one-to-one mentoring relationship is an opportunity for positive role modelling and a means to practice skills developed in the clinical setting during counselling with a psychologist.

We introduce positive alternatives and work closely with GPs, school counsellors, teachers and families to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients in the community.

More about our approach

The unique approach of the Quirky Kid program allows greater flexibility and accountability to referring sources as it works in conjunction with therapy. We achieve outstanding results with community based support.

More about our Mentors

Our mentors hold tertiary degrees and have local and overseas experience with youth.  Their role is to be positive and act as role models for young people.  All mentors are familiar with the Quirky Kid Code of Ethics to ensure quality service delivery and comply with working with children legislation.

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