Autism Intervention Services (ASD)

These services are available in Sydney and Wollongong (Austinmer).

The Quirky Kid Clinic provides family focused, well structured and evidence based early intervention services for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our experience and qualifications tell us that there are particular elements that best support children with an ASD and below is how we do it:

  • We see your child as a child like any other first and we include family members in our interventions so we all can work alongside and learn how to help the child.
  • We provide flexible interventions by offering home based, school based and clinic based interventions. They are designed for children with ASD and delivered by professionally trained staff.
  • We develop an individual plan for each child and each plan is reviewed regularly. We monitor each child’s progress with regular assessments.
  • Our services and interventions are highly structured, well organised, regular and predictable.
  • We focus on developing attention, compliance, imitation, language and social skills and at the same time we provide an encouraging environment. The child and family both feel comfortable and supported.
  • We provide practical strategies to help your child develop new skills. We understand the child’s behaviour and focus on teaching more appropriate alternatives for difficult behaviours.
  • We provide intensive school transition strategies and our social skills groups facilitate relationships between the child with ASD and typically developing children.

More Information

We are members of the Early Intervention Service Provider Panel by FaHCSIA. We also meet the Australian Psychological Society (APS) requirements for providing services to children with an ASD.

If you feel like we are the type of provider you would like to engage with, please contact us. We do have limited capacity and high demand.

These services are available in Sydney and Wollongong (Austinmer).

Please call our case manager,  on + 61 2 93629297 or email him at