Online and Phone Consultations

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Are you concerned about your child’s social and emotional wellbeing? Is your child displaying a behaviour you are not so sure about? Are you keen to find out if your child is developing on par with their age and stage? Is your child’s teacher concerned about your child’s progress?

A telephone or online consultation (Telehealth) with a child psychologist at Quirky Kid is a convenient and effective way to discuss your concerns and brainstorm solutions. Quirky Kid child psychologists are fully qualified and experienced professionals, committed to best-practice protocols to ensure you and your children receive effective strategies to address your concerns, regardless of where you live.

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Our telephone  and online consultation service attracts clients from diverse locations around the Australia and worlds such as  USA, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada and Switzerland.

Quirky Kid has been offering telephone and Skype consultation for over 14 years.

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