Quirky Kid provides consulting services to schools and organisations  as well as community based agencies working on  social development, mental health and behaviour projects.

We have worked with big names in the industy like Cartoon Network,  Skylander, Pilote Pen, ABC2 Television, Telstra, Toyota, Procter & Gamble (Duracell) , Coles Group and Colgate Palmolive and successfully supported their projects. Many schools like Illawara Grammar School ( TIGS) and Moriah Colleague for example have engaged our consulting
services in assessment and intervention.

We continue to refine our approach and learn about the best ways to engage children to support their development.

If your organisation, department or school requires expert input from a child specialist, here is what we do best:

  • Practical and current information on child and adolescent behaviour, mental health and social development.
  • Organizational and corporate research and endorsements in regarding child-friendly products and services
  • Support specialist Legal or  disputes in regards to child welfare, cognitive abilities or development.
  • Creation of child friendly and child centered spaces to engage children.
  • Recommendations in regards to multicultural and cross-cultural issues involving children and their families (visit our School Days Project)

You can meet some of our existing clients and find out more about us hereContact Leonardo Rocker on 02 9362-9297 to discuss your needs.