Sensory Profile

The Quirky Kid Clinic conducts the Sensory Profile assessment. Please contact us on 02 9362 9297 for more information.

The Sensory Profile is a measure of children’s responses to sensory events in daily life. It provides an overall picture of a child’s sensory processing patterns. Results of the Sensory Profile are used to consider how these patterns might be contributing to or creating barriers to a child’s performance in daily life. Eight main areas of sensory input are examined, including auditory, visual, activity level, taste/smell, body position, movement, touch and emotional/social.

The Sensory Profile is suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years, and is particularly useful in examining the sensory needs of children on the Autism Spectrum. It is also useful in establishing a personalised Early Intervention plan for these children, and may be covered under FaHCSIA’s Helping Children with Autism package. Assessments include comprehensive report and face-to-face feedback for parents.

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