Raised on Praise @ The Hills Grammar

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

As part of a transition to Kindergarten program, parents of future Kindy students at The Hills Grammar School in Sydney, have been invited to participate in the Raised on Praise workshop by The Quirky Kid Clinic.

Parents will learn how to develop an optimistic, fair and consistent parenting approach with an emphasis on praise. Learn to identify family factors in need of focus and develop reasonable rules and considered consequences in this very practical workshop.Participants will be encouraged to reflect on the challenges of parenthood and to explore their parenting style from their child’s point of view. Current research in the field of positive parent-child relationships will be reviewed, combined with activities designed for participants to experience the effective use and over-use of praise.

Kimberley O’Brien, Principal Child Psychologist at Quirky Kid, will facilitate the workshop with the support of Corina Vogler, Provisional Psychologist at Quirky Kid

Raised on Praise is also offered in the clinical setting. Visit our workshop page to find out the next date. If you would like to arrange a workshop for parents or students at your school, please contact us on 02 9362 9297.


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