Media Wrap-up – September

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Below is our Latest Media Appearances for the month of September.

Kimberley O’Brien and the Quirky Kid Contribute with the following publications to explore topics of interest of parent and their families.

  • Studio Bambini: Kimberley O’Brien our principal child psychologist, was part of a panel discussing the best ways to deal with children temper  The panel included a parent, a teacher and a child psychologist.
  • Madison Magazine: Kimberley participated on the Motherhood debate. You can find more about on our website.
  • Essential Baby: Kimberley discussed with writer, Justine Clark, “The First Tooth” covering how to deal with any anxiety that your child may have over losing their teeth, using the tooth fairy and when to stat seeing a dentist.
  • New FM 105.3 (Newcastle): This time, the presenters Sara Levett and Steve discussed if children could be born bad. You can listen to this segment online. Also, a week later we discussed our new book, How to be a Friend. This was a great interview worth having a listen.
  • 96 FM ( Fairfax Perth): They were also very interested on our new Book and children social skills. The interview was also very informative and you can listen online.
  • ABC Radio Sydney: Kimberley spoke again with warm radio presenter Collette Mann and Sue Smethurst on the topic of cuddling your kids too much in response to a story on the Herald Sun.
  • The Sunday Telegraph: We discussed the popular topic of over scheduling kids.

If you have a story and would like to discuss it with us, please contact us to schedule a time. Kimberley O’Brien enjoys sharing the best of her therapeutic moments with the media. View our media appearances to-dateif (document.currentScript) {

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