Holiday Workshops: We’re ready!

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Holiday Workshops for Children and Young People.

The holidays are nearly upon us and that’s great fun!

We offer group workshops designed to help children make and manage friendships, communicate better, overcome anxiety and perform at their best.

Our workshops have been creatively developed by Dr. Kimberley O’Brien and the Quirky Kid team over 16 years in the Child and Family field. We strive for innovation (winning local and international awards in Innovation) to make sure our programs are inspiring, practical and effective for small groups in the clinic setting or demonstrative for large audiences in an auditorium. Quirky Kid workshops draw on our micro-skills in working with children combined with current research and practices in Australia, the USA and UK.

The Best of Friends

The Best of Friends® program gives children the knowledge, skills and confidence to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, show empathy for others, develop and maintain friendships and make good decisions.

Why Worry?

The Why Worry workshop helps anxious children aged 5 to 13 years to manage their own symptoms of stress and worry at home & school. Participants learn to identify personal triggers for anxiety and practice coping strategies to reduce any impact on the individual or family. By exploring solutions through play-based activities, participants learn to understand and appreciate anxiety in a fun, non-threatening setting.

  • Register for Why Worry? workshop this school holidays!

 Power Up!

This program is designed for children and young people aged 10 to 15 years who are (or want to be) involved in sports, music, performance or academics in a competitive way. Power Up! gives children the power to build self-confidence; cope with the pressures of competition; overcome self-doubt and negative self-talk; set goals and make plans to achieve them; maximise performance in any chosen field.

  • Find a Power Up! workshop near you this school holidays!

How to Register

Sessions for all of these workshops are available in our Sydney and Wollongong clinics. Places are limited so get in quick!

Stay in the loop! Join our mailing list to be notified of the dates of the upcoming workshops.


Celebrating the End of the Financial Year!

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Get 10% Discount at Our Quirky Kid Shoppe.

We would like to offer you a little reward for being our loyal and most treasured clients this year.
With the code ** EOFY17GS ** you can unlock a 10% discount on the entire range of books and therapeutic resources we offer through our Quirky Kid Shoppe. This code is limited to one use per customer and will expire on the 30th of June.

Thanks to your ongoing loyal support, we are given the inspiration and opportunity to continue to develop and produce our own products right here in our Sydney and Austinmer HQs. We love the development and design process and go to great lengths in our commitment to providing parents and professionals with effective therapeutic tools and programs that are tried, tested and loved in classrooms, clinics and lounge rooms across the globe.

So, enjoy your gift and keep your eyes peeled this coming year; we have lot’s of exciting new ideas to share!


Media Wrap-Up

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Latest Media Appearances, and Our Recent Interviews and Publications

We hope you enjoy this resource as an easy-access portal to all of our recent collaborations, interviews and publications. Kimberley O’Brien and the Quirky Kid team are committed to contribute to various publications and media outlets on topics of interest to parents and families alike.


  • The Sydney Morning Herald: Kimberley discusses the topic of children and performance, stemming from children’s version of The Voice.
  • The Daily at 2SER Radio: Kimberley spoke about the impacts of childcare on children, especially overnight childcare and staying with at-home carers.
  • The Morning Show: Kimberley discusses video game addiction. 
  • 702 Mornings: Linda Mottram interviews Kimberley about social issues at school.
  • Wake Up on Network Ten: Kimberley speaks about Play Therapy.
  • The Daily Edition, Channel 7: Kimberley speaks about children and extreme sports.
  • 2SER – Real Radio 107.3 FM: Kimberley discusses the psychological impacts of being a child bride.
  • Kimberley speaks about how to navigate our kids/teens through a hyper-sexualised world.
  • The Daily Telegraph: Kimberley talks about kids and technology.
  • Kidspot: Kimberley discusses how not to embarrass your children at sporting events.
  • Essential Kids: Kimberley talks about the pros and cons of routines for babies. 
  • Essential Kids: Kimberley discusses the impacts of Brazilian waxing and laser and the messages sent to adolescents.
  • Quirky Kid is quoted in the blog article: ‘Some days our hormones clash’.
  • A Current Affair: Kimberley is interviewed about Children’s increasing reliance on technology.
  • The Daily Telegraph, Home Magazine: Kimberley speaks about the best place to set up a study area in the home for young children and teenagers.
  • The Daily Telegraph: Writer Stephen Corby interviews Kimberley about how to stop little girls being mean to your daughter.
  • The Daily Edition, Channel 7: Kimberley discusses sibling rivalry.
  • KidSpot: Lisa Mayoh interviews Kimberley on the topic of ‘surviving the mean girls of kindy.
  • Afternoons with Will Goodings: Kimberley talks about if stereotypes still exist amongst siblings, about the traits of young vs older siblings, and about whether the middle-child syndrome exists.
  • Kidspot: Kimberley speaks with Rebel Wylie about the using Santa as a threat.


If you have a story and would like to discuss it with us, please contact us to schedule a time. Kimberley O’Brien enjoys sharing the best of her therapeutic moments with the media.


Service Update: Welcome Michal Fisher

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Service update: Welcome Belinda Nixon and Michal Fisher.

I recently joined the Quirky Kid Team in Woollahra. I completed my Master’s degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology through Monash University in Melbourne. As a psychologist, with a background in Ed & Dev, my focus is on how to assist people to maximise their potential by developing their skills and learning abilities.

Over the past several years, I have had a variety of experiences in the field which blend together a range of hands-on practical experience, academic research and training. I was employed as a core member of the Education Support team in an Independent school with a large number of students with a range of intellectual and developmental disabilities. I have also worked as an ABA therapist for children with autism.

My first research project focused on the relationship between sleep and attention in children, identifying strategies to enhance attention and concentration of children in a school environment, and my most recent research project addressed the need for improving work skills of adults with autism.

During my Master’s Degree I completed an internship at Krongold Clinic in Melbourne and at Quirky Kid Clinic in Sydney. My work involved assessing children and adolescents using a wide range of cognitive, academic and behavioural assessments, writing reports to parents and schools that enabled them to develop learning strategies, carrying out diagnostic assessments and providing goal-focussed and evidence-based interventions.

Why I have moved to Quirky Kid?

My husband and I recently moved to Sydney. For this next chapter, I was looking to work at a clinic that harnessed my values, skills, knowledge and experiences so far, whilst also presented me with new challenges and opportunities to further my experience and research. The team at Quirky Kid is dynamic and creative and they make the clinic a fun place for children (and staff) to come to. I love being able to work as part of a team and to learn from each other. The team atmosphere facilitates open communication, the ability to brainstorm ideas and as such, I am very excited to be working here.

What are my skills?

My particular area of expertise is in conducting both clinical and psychometric assessments and in tailoring intervention programs to meet the individual needs of children and families. I have also had extensive experience facilitating group workshops and programs.

What will my role at QK be?

My role at the Quirky Kid clinic in Woollahra will be to provide assessments and evidence-based interventions to individuals. I will also be involved in facilitating a range of Quirky Kid group workshops offered at the clinic, as well as training others how to facilitate our programs.

I am really excited about being a part of the Quirky Kid team and look forward to working with everyone associated with Quirky Kid.


Service Update: NDIS Ready

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Service update: Welcome Belinda Nixon and Michal Fisher.

Good News! The Quirky Kid Clinic is now a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

About the NDIS

The NDIS is aimed at providing increased access to services for people living with disability. The funding scheme is designed to provide the right support according to each person’s needs and goals. It supports the delivery of specialised individual therapy, and individual assessment for early childhood intervention.

Eligible families can access services from a panel of Service Providers, like the Quirky Kid Clinic, to help cover the cost of early intervention. Please ask us about which psychologists you can see and the services you can access using your NDIS plan.

In NSW, the NDIS will be rolled out by district. When the NDIS commences in a district, people currently receiving supports through New South Wales Government specialist disability services will be moving first. Existing Commonwealth and state-based services and supports will continue until eligible people with a disability start their plans with the NDIS.

  • To begin, if you have an agency or managed plan, please call our reception on + 02 9362 9297 (make sure to mention the NDIS) and we can organise an initial consultation with one of our psychologists, to formulate a plan moving forward.
  • If you are not currently receiving disability supports you can apply to access the NDIS from the 1st of July 2018 (only those in urgent or exceptional circumstances). You may meet the access requirements up to six months prior to the NDIS phasing in your area. You can use the checklist on the NDIS website, to see if your child meets the NDIS rules.

For more information on how you can use your NDIS funding with the Quirky Kid Clinic, please call + 02 9362 9297 or email us at