Intern Report: Peta Larkin

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Intern Report and experiences with Quirky Kid

Quirky Kid welcomes professionals and interns from various walks of life including provisional psychologists, editors, graphic artists and teachers. During the course of their internships – from 3 to 6 months –  a lot of learning takes places. In this new section, we ask our interns and colleagues to share their experiences with Quirky Kid; what they’ve learnt and how this experience will help them in the future. In this post, Emily Bartlett shares her experience.


Why did I apply?

As a current psychology student, I applied to volunteer at The Quirky Kid Clinic to put to use my existing skills and knowledge and to gain some practical experience working with leading experts in the field of child psychology. I was excited for the opportunity to interact with others who shared my interests and to learn from their invaluable experience and knowledge.

What did I learn?

I was exposed to a variety of projects and tasks during my placement, which helped me develop new skills, get a taste of clinical practice, and to apply my knowledge. I was involved in everything from staff training for the BaseCamp program, to research and content writing for the Quirky Kid website, and even coordinating the social media accounts. In addition, I was involved in the process of developing and recruiting for the Best of Friends research study in conjunction with the University of Wollongong, which gave me some valuable insight into how a large-scale research project is run.

How will this help me in the future?

I believe the first-hand knowledge and experience I have gained in this setting has improved my confidence and has given me the skills needed to succeed in a clinical setting. As a psychology student, the experience will be invaluable in preparing me for future Masters study and work in this field. Most importantly, being exposed to the level of professionalism and expertise shown by all the staff here has really helped me develop professionally and personally.

My experience with Quirky Kid as a company

My experience at The Quirky Kid Clinic was very positive and rewarding. Working alongside like-minded individuals who share a passion for helping people and who are highly skilled in their profession was very inspiring. The Clinic is a warm and supportive environment that really caters to the needs of the clients and makes them feel safe and supported. Additionally, the way Quirky Kid resources are presented is creative and fun which is what has made them so successful and popular among kids and parents alike, both nationally and internationally.

Tips for future applicants

This is a diverse role where you are exposed to a variety of day-to-day tasks. The advantage of this is you get to try a lot of new things, but it makes it important to be flexible, self-motivated and to prioritise tasks effectively. I found this internship to be a very rewarding experience, and would highly recommend this opportunity to other aspiring psychologists.


Media Wrap Up: Late 2017 – Early 2018

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Latest Media Appearances, and Our Recent Interviews and Publications

We hope you enjoy this resource as an easy-access portal to all of our recent collaborations, interviews and publications. Kimberley O’Brien and the Quirky Kid team are committed to contributing to various publications and media outlets on topics of interest to parents and families alike.

November 2017 to Current 

If you have a story and would like to discuss it with us, please contact us to schedule a time. Dr Kimberley O’Brien enjoys sharing the best of her therapeutic moments with the media.


Quirky Kid @ the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

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Quirky Kid at Frankfurt Book Fair

Building on the success of our previous presentations at the Chinese Children Book Fair (2015) and the London Book Fair (2016), and with the support of the Australian Publishers Association; Quirky Kid is excited to attend the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair once again.

About the Frankfurt Book Fair

As the world’s largest trade fair for books, the Frankfurt Book Fair is an international hub of industry experts and is the most important marketplace for books, media, rights and licences in the world. This annual event sees representatives from book publishing and multimedia companies from all over the world come together to:

  • Discover new trends and business areas.
  • Profit from the best opportunities for further learning, training, and networking.
  • Get to know decision makers from across the book, creative and technology industries.
  • Gain new inspiration, and tap into new target groups.

Quirky Kid in Action

We love broadening and strengthening our skill sets and learning more about publishing from leading industry experts. Our attendance at this event is a great way to spread the positive Quirky Kid messages, and promote our evidence-based therapeutic tools, such as The Best of Friends®, BaseCamp® and PowerUp™  to a wide audience.

Our resources are currently sold globally including in Canada, the USA and Singapore. Weare keen to expand their reach to more markets and improve more children’s lives through our engaging and innovative educational developmental programs.

Quirky Kid has many new resources under development and we are keen to create a big impact on the Social,  Emotional and Educational sector. You can find out more about The Quirky Kid Resources on our website or at our publishing page.

Meet with us, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.


BaseCamp® is Here

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

BaseCamp® anxiety program by Quirky Kid

BaseCamp® is an innovative anxiety program for children aged 7 to 12 years. Developed by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Kathryn Berry, and the Quirky Kid team, draws on decades of experience, combining a sound theoretical cognitive-behavioral approach with effective, engaging and child-centred activities. 

About Our Anxiety Program for Kids: BaseCamp®

Based in a fictional Australian National Park, Basecamp® takes children on a journey where they explore themed settings, team up with a support crew of experienced guides and interact with park animals, all intended to help them tackle the challenges of managing and overcoming anxiety.

The program provides parents, participants, and facilitators with a concise and engaging set of materials to help children and their families build a repertoire of anxiety management skills and to support the development of essential social and emotional learning (SEL) skills.

BaseCamp® comes with a range of resources to make it easy for facilitators to deliver the program. All participants receive the Basecamp® pack. The pack contains a workbook which includes  a range of psycho-educational resources to share the science behind behaviour with participants; direct instructional anxiety management techniques (including Cognitive Restructuring, Graded Exposure and Problem Solving); and activities designed to sustain and maintain treatment gains (eg. fieldwork tasks, performance feedback, rewards, home notes, etc.).

basecamp anxiety program for kids

The BaseCamp® program, including all the activities and information, is sequenced, explicit, focused and both evidence-informed and aligned to various elements of the Australian Curriculum’s social and personal capabilities. The result is a practical and efficient anxiety management resource that is beautiful to look at, highly engaging and easy to use.

Images of the Program Workbook and Resources


Register for the Term Programs

Basecamp® is available as a Term program at Quirky Kid or for use at your school and clinic after accreditation. Find out more and register.

Request More Information

If you would like more information about Basecamp please contact us on +61 2 9362 9297 or via our contact form.



Service Update: Welcome Jackie Tritt

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Service update: Welcome Belinda Nixon and Michal Fisher.

I have recently joined the Quirky Kid team, based in Woollahra, as a Child Psychologist and Board Certified Behavioural Analyst.  I bring with me a range of child, adolescent and family clinical experience gained in Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. I completed my Masters of Applied Psychology in 2015, and my Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Psychology in 2016 at the University of Waikato. In June 2016, I passed the Behaviour Analyst international exam and became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). 

I have always loved working with children and their families and began my career as an Applied Behaviour Analyst (ABA) therapist in Auckland, New Zealand in 2002. I gained clinical experiences working with children from the age of 18-months old with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I was promoted from a junior to senior therapist within 2 years and completed an 8-month work secondment in Al Ain, UAE. Following extensive travel adventures I returned to working with children with a development disability in 2009 as an Autism Advisor supporting families with a child recently diagnosed with an ASD.

From 2010 to 2013 I worked as a Senior ABA Therapist at The Lizard Centre. In this role I worked with children ranging in age from 18 months old to 10 years old with a developmental disability, I ran ESDM, VB-MAPP and functional behaviour assessments. I implemented individualized evidence-based early intervention programs, trained parents, junior therapists and education staff to implement challenging behaviour intervention plans and ran social skills groups. I gained immense satisfaction from being a part of the child’s developmental progress, improving relationships between the child and their family and supporting the child to transition to an educational placement.

More recently during my provisional psychology placement I worked with children and adolescents who experienced a range of psychological presentations including ASD, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, various Chromosomal abnormalities, Intellectual Disability, Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic Brain Injury and Developmental Disabilities.  My role included running functional behaviour assessments and psychometric assessments, and developing and implementing individualized evidence-based treatment interventions including ABA and ACT interventions. I presented staff training workshops in both educational and rehabilitation settings. Prior to starting with Quirky Kid I worked as a Psychologist and BCBA with Momentum Learning Services developing and implementing individualized evidence-based early intervention programs for children with a developmental disability, anxiety or emotional regulation concerns from the age of 2 to 16 years old.   

Why I have moved to Quirky Kid?

I have moved to the Quirky Kid team for both personal and professional reasons. Firstly, for personal reasons I am excited to be based in the clinic at Woollahra, and secondly, I am excited to be developing my clinical expertise working in a role where I can participate fully in both the early diagnosis of developmental disabilities, and the individualised treatment development and implementation of evidence-based interventions with a broad range of client presentations.   

What are my skills?

I am patient, kind, have a fun sense of humour and enjoy supporting children to exceed their potential. I enjoy taking the time to develop a strong therapeutic rapport with my clients and their families. I typically work within a cognitive-behavioural framework with extensive ABA and behavioural experience. I am a passionate advocator for early diagnosis and individualised early intervention programs for children in relation to a strengths and weaknesses based model.

What will my role at QK be?

My role as a Child Psychologist will be to provide assessments and individualised evidence-based interventions to children and their families at the Quirky Kid clinic in Woollahra. Consultations will typically involve the child, their parents and or carers.  I will work collaboratively with all stakeholder’s in the child’s support network including educational and or allied health professionals.  I will be involved in facilitating a range of Quirky kid group programs offered at the clinic.

I am incredibly excited about my new role at Quirky Kid and I look forward to meeting with you and working with you as a client or colleague in the future. Please feel free to contact our reception on 02 9362 9297 for any enquiries or further information.