PhD Internship Opportunity with Quirky Kid Clinic

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

New Position for a Child Psychologist Available

 Quirky Kid® recently applied and won one of the three APR.Intern PhD Position (Australian Postgraduate Research (APR) Intern) program positions in collaboration with the University of Wollongong and iAccelerate.

As a result, the PhD student will complete a paid internship project with Quirky Kid® to assist with the research design and evaluation of The Basecamp® – our multi-award winning anxiety program for kids aged 7 to 12 years. This opportunity remunerates a PhD student $26,000. This rebate is 50% through the Australian Government and 50% through the University of Wollongong- (the position was filled, thank you for your interest)


Leo Rocker_Postgraduate_Research

The application process for one of the APR.Intern positions were competitive. It required Quirky Kid to complete a detailed and well-articulated pitch that including project background, research to be conducted, expected outcomes and the relevance to our organisation and community. 

Quirky Kid®  is currently working with iAccelerate Researcher in Residence, Prof Sharon Robinson to facilitate recruitment of the PhD Intern. If you would like to apply, please contact us to arrange an interview. (the position was filled).

This is the second time we’ll work with the University of Wollongong on a research project. The first research project involved evaluation The Best of Friends®  program with the help of Dr Noelene Weatherby-Fell from UOW’s School of Education.

Quirky Kid® creates evidence-based social and emotional programs to assist young people globally.


Basecamp Shortlisted @ Educational Publishing Awards 2018

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Basecamp, anxiety program for kids is shot-listed for London Book Fair International excellence Awards

Yesterday we received the fantastic news that Basecamp ®, our already multi-award-winning  Anxiety program for young people was shortlisted for The 25th Educational Publishing Awards Australia.

Basecamp® was shortlisted under the Best Primary  Student Resource – Arts/Science/Humanities/Social Sciences/Technologies/Health and Physical Education/Languages along with resources from R.I.C. Publications
And Oxford University Press.

Organised by the Australian Publishers Association and sponsored by Copyright Agency, the prestigious EPAAs recognise excellence and innovation within the educational publishing industry.

This year’s entries were of a high standard and were a testament to the tremendous effort that goes into creating educational resources for Australian educators and students.

Chief Judge Angela Carbone said the entries were “exceptionally high and innovative, and the decision was not easy to make”.  In total, 117 entries were received so we would like to thank those who submitted their titles for consideration.

About Basecamp®

BaseCamp® is an innovative anxiety program for children aged 7 to 12 years. Developed by the Quirky Kid team, BaseCamp® draws on decades of experience, combining a sound theoretical cognitive-behavioural approach with effective, engaging and child-centred activities.

BaseCamp® is based in a fictional Australian National Park. Children are invited on a journey to explore themed settings, team up with a support crew of experienced guides and interact with park animals, all intended to help them tackle the challenges of managing and overcoming anxiety.

Winner of the London Book Fair International Excellence Awards ( Educational Initiative Awards) and Winner of The Best Designed Educational Primary/Secondary Book award at the 66th Australian Book Designer Awards this resource is accomplishing great outcomes.

BaseCamp® was also shortlisted for the second award in London – Educational Resources Awards.

Start Using BaseCamp® Today

If you are interested in BaseCamp® for your child, school or clinic, get in touch today.

We feel that Basecamp® is incredible. Every page was carefully designed to communicate with our users in a unique and interesting way. Navigating through the 182 pages of Basecamp is an adventure full of surprises.

Find out more at

Contact us Today.


QK @ RISE Conference Hong Kong

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

RISE Conference

We were thrilled to have been accepted to the AlPHA program at the 2018 RISE Conference held in Hong Kong We had a great time meeting, learning, and collaborating with our colleagues!

We were also selected to be involved in PITCH, a live event at the conference in front of thousands of attendees where we presented our innovative ideas about how to help parents access affordable, evidenced-based information about their child.

To participate as an exhibiting StartUp company you need to receive a high score based on the following criteria:

  1. Our Growth potential
    They look at our competitors and how our sector can grow locally and Overseas.
  2. Our Impact
    How relevant our product is for the community and if we have any pro-active ideas.
  3. Product and team
    They check our idea and team
  4. Pitch quality
    And how well we are likely to pitch.
  5. Cool factor
    How likely are we to disrupt.

Once all is done the startups are given an overall score out of 25, which is used to work out if each company is in a position get the most out of the conference. All the best startups from over 18 different industries were invited to exhibit RISE. Quirky Kid were joined by 3 other companies from The ‘iAccelerate’ incubator in Wollongong.

About RISE

RISE is a conference celebrating almost 600 innovative Start Ups from over 90 countries. Over 15,000 people attended the event, making it the largest tech conference in Asia. With leading tech giants presenting at the event, including Microsoft, Google and Amazon, we enjoyed learning about all things tech and innovation.

Why were we at the Start-Up Conference?

Quirky Kid and our new technology company, Rocketeer, attended the event to showcase our products and latest innovation, a software application that enables parents and professionals to access reliable expert advice and evidence-based information about concerns relating to the mental health of children and young people.

We also create evidence programs, used by many educational institutions. We are working to get these programs available online and will keep you updated about this.


Vocational Partner Group and BoF

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Vocational Partner Group and The Best of Friends

We are proud to announce Vocational Partnership Group (VPG) has just confirmed they will be implementing ‘The Best of Friends’™ program during 2018.

VPG empower youth, strengthen families, and broker partnerships between education & industry. VPG consists of several different programs aimed at improving child and youth transitions. With a range of different services such as work experience, professional youth services, indigenous transitions, career transitions, Every Family Program, Transition To Work (TTW) Program and RespectMe.

Their enrolment continues to establish our Social and Emotional program as the most effective intervention to foster children’s social and emotional wellbeing. We continue to work incredibly hard to produce innovative programs and resources that are tried, tested and loved in classrooms, clinics and lounge rooms around the globe.

About Vocational Partnership Group

Vocational Partnership Group has strong expertise in building the capacity of schools through innovative staffing and program solutions. The range of programs available at VPG is customised to meet schools needs and outcomes. VPG also works with parents, the industry and with youth. Their key goal is to improve child and youth transitions.

Social and Emotional Learning

Equally, with their commitment to empowering young people with a range of different training programs, VPG has demonstrated a clear commitment to the Social and Emotional Learning of their clients. We were impressed with the knowledge, focus and commitment the team share with their clients.

About The Best of Friends and the School.

The implementation of The Best of Friends ® will take place progressively and will be closely supported by the program author and our Educational Developmental Psychologists Dr. Kimberley O’Brien.

Participants will receive a copy of the exclusive workbook developed by Quirky Kid. Facilitators and teachers will have access to a series of manuals and regular supervision as and when required.

The Best of Friends ® is a Social and Emotional Learning program developed by The Quirky Kid Clinic. Find out more.

Interested in offering ‘The Best of Friends ®’ program at your school?

Currently, the program is available to a limited number of schools and organisations. The BoF program has a comprehensive implementation, evaluation and monitoring plan and we are keen to identify partners committed to SEL implementation and evaluation.

Schools can choose from a target (small group) or universal (classroom) format. We will provide all the implementation assistance required, including training, supervision and support for key staff members.


Service Update: Welcome Sarah Doyle

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Service Update: Welcome Sarah Doyle and Michal Fisher

I have recently joined the Quirky Kid team in Woollahra and Austinmer in a Customer Support role.

Why have I moved to Quirky Kid?

I am so excited to be a part of the Quirky Kid team! Quirky Kid is a dynamic and forward thinking clinic who stand out among others in Psychology. What I find really inspiring about Quirky Kid is that there is a common goal to thrive. Everyone in the Quirky Kid team is passionate about implementing change and supporting the younger generations. I am passionate to continue to work with children and adolescents. It excites me that I have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger working for Quirky Kid.

Sarah Doyle

What are my skills?

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology at The University of Wollongong to further my qualifications, recently completing a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and Counselling. I have enjoyed spending the last few years working, travelling and volunteering for organisations such as the Starlight Foundations ‘Livewire’ and more recently across schools in Kenya. At Quirky Kid I will continue developing my skills to prepare me to enter the field at the completion of my degree.

What will my role at Quirky Kid be?

I initially started volunteering at Quirky Kid Clinic as the Lunch and Learn Coordinator. This role opened up an amazing opportunity for me to meet with leaders in the field of psychology and to rub shoulders with highly regarded professionals who inspire me. The opportunity to sit in on Quirky Kids internal professional development during our Lunch and Learn sessions has been invaluable in my personal development and career development.

Coming to the end of my volunteer contract I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to apply for a permanent role assisting with the running of the office and supporting our lovely team of psychologists across both our Woollahra and Austinmer clinics. My role includes conducting intake calls, organising and managing QK workshops, day to day administration and customer service. With the opportunities I have been given in Quirky Kid so far, I am keen to continue developing my skills by taking on new roles and responsibilities and will soon be assisting in facilitating Quirky Kid group programs.