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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Yes, the Quirky Kid site and our online shop are separating!
We are very excited to introduce our new Therapeutic resources Shop – the Quirky Kid Shoppe. This specialist book and resources shop provides parents and professionals with unique therapeutic resources, including books, toys, games and cards for children, adolescents and families.

The New Shoppe Home Page

Quirky Kid New Shop

More than a Shop!

The new Quirky Kid Shoppe offer many advantages in relation to our old system and it is really easy to navigate. For example, you can find handpicked resources by the Quirky Kid Team. These resources will be changed and updated often.

Resources for Parent and Professionals

The Quirky Kid Shoppe will provide more than just resources. We will also comment, discuss and demonstrate new tool and approaches – simple visit our blog to see videos, interviews, photos, and instructions.

Below you can see an example of the grid pages view were parents or professionals can easily find resources. You can search by Issues, Resource Type or Target Age.

Shoppe Resources

Work in Progress

This major project involved a lot of work and dedication over the past 6 months and it comes as a response to many requests from parents and colleagues that often asked us about the resources and products used during therapeutic intervention and workshops at the Quirky Kid Clinic.

We still have some small details to go over, however, be sure that you will find new and interesting ideas here on the Quirky Kid Shoppe.

You can get access to the Quirky Kid Shop via:} else {


Language Development Research

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

The  Child Language Lab at the Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS), Macquarie University, is currently seeking children aged 2- to 2 1/2-year for a project examining language development. The project is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

All studies are held at Macquarie University and parents will be requested to attend the center with their child  for a one-time session where play based activities are developed as part of the research.

Each participant will be provided with a $20 Coles/Myer card and a small gift.

According to the Child Language Lab, children do not speak like adults, and their research is aimed towards learning what kinds of changes typically developing children make to words. If they  can learn more about the kinds of difficulties  that typical children have with pronunciation, they hope to figure out the causes  associated with children with speech delays and inform better practices

If you are interested in taking part in the research you should contact:

Kelly Miles
Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS)
Macquarie University

Quirky Kid is not associated with the research and you should ask about ethical guidelines with the University


Bullying @ SMH

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Kimberley O’Brien, our principal child psychologist, bullying and violence reporter Glenda Kwek from the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH).

You can read the article by visiting the SMH online.

You can find useful, practical and informative advice about parenting  and young people by visiting our resources page, – or discussing it on our forum.

If you have a story and would like to discuss it with us, please contact us to schedule a time. Kimberley O’Brien enjoys sharing the best of her therapeutic moments with the media. View our media appearances to-date. Visit our website for more information about our team and our clinic.


Little Charley Bear @ ABC2

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Recently, ABC2 and Quirky Kid worked together to review the New Little Charley Bear TV program showing on ABC2

This adorable new show features a creative and playful teddy bear called Charley under the watchful eye of his friend, the Narrator – voiced by Gavin & Stacey Star, James Corden.

Kimberley O’Brien, Principal Child Psychologist at the Quirky Kid Clinic says “From a psychological perspective, “Little Charlie Bear” encourages young children to engage in imaginative play, with an emphasis on role play, dress ups and drama. This not only nurtures self-confidence and creativity, it provides toddlers and pre-schoolers with the opportunity to test out different scenarios in the process of play. Like other interactive programs, “Little Charley Bear” is a catalyst for active rather than passive entertainment, giving parents and children a chance to be part of the action in the lounge room. What better way to exercise the imagination and learn new skills”.

You can visit the show’s website here:


Youth Participation Grant

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Youth Participation Grant 211
The Youth Participation Grants Program is an initiative which aims to encourage young people to more actively participate in their community through the creation and implementation of community-based youth-led projects.

The aim of the Program is to give young people the power and resources to develop and implement community-based projects in their local area.
Grants will be awarded to young people that can demonstrate that:·

  • Their project benefits the community in some way·
  • The idea for the project has come from young people·
  • The application has been created by young people·
  • Their project will increase community interaction If you are a young person aged between 9 – 18 years AND you live in NSW you can apply for up to $3300 for your project!

Applications close Sunday 10th April 2011 For more information and to apply visit: Or contact the Youth Participation Project Officer at the Youth Action and Policy Association (YAPA) on (02) 9281 5522 or