BoF @ Sacré Coeur School, Victoria

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

BoF @ Sacré Coeur School, Victoria

We are proud to announce the Sacré Coeur Junior School in Victoria has just confirmed they will be implementing ‘The Best of Friends’ ™ program during 2016.

Their enrolment continues to establish our Social and Emotional program as the most effective classroom intervention to foster children’s social and emotional wellbeing. We continue to work incredibly hard to produce innovative programs and resources that are tried, tested and loved in classrooms, clinics and lounge rooms around the globe.

About Sacré Coeur School

Throughout their rich history since the School’s establishment in 1888, thousands of women have been educated at Sacré Cœur and have gone on to succeed in all aspects of their lives. This has been due to the strength of our community; their sense of belonging to the School and their desire to learn and to be the best they could be.

Sacré Cœur is a school steeped in tradition and connected to 150 sister schools across 41 different countries. This enables our girls and staff to engage in a myriad of international programs and opportunities. Each of our sister schools shares in and is inspired by the writings, philosophy and actions of St Madeleine Sophie Barat, Founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart, in 1800.

Social and Emotional Learning

Equally with their commitment to academic results and positive psychology, Sacré Coeur Junior School has demonstrated clear commitment to the Social and Emotional Learning of their students. We were impressed with the knowledge, focus, diligence and commitment their pastoral care provides to the students.

Their enables our girls and young women to develop as individuals, identify their strengths and realise their potential. The Student Welfare Officers are fully registered Psychologists and members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

About The Best of Friends and the School.

The implementation of The Best of Friends™ will take place progressively and will be closely supported by the program author and our Educational Developmental Psychologists Dr. Kimberley O’Brien.

Participants will receive a copy of the exclusive workbook developed by Quirky Kid. Facilitators and teachers will have access to a series of manuals and regular supervision as and when required.

The Best of Friend is a Social and Emotional Learning program developed by The Quirky Kid Clinic. Find our more.

Interested in offering ‘The Best of Friends™’ program at your school?

Currently, the program is available to a limited number of schools and organisations. The BoF program has a comprehensive implementation, evaluation and monitoring plan and we are keen to identify partners committed to SEL implementation and evaluation.

Schools can choose from a target (small group) or universal (classroom) format. We will provide all the implementation assistance required, including training, supervision and support for key staff members.


From us: Mount Everest

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

A New Approach to Work/life Balance - From Quirky Kid Stuff. and Mount Everest - Experience and Story

Mount Everest. It has been a place that has fascinated me since I was a little girl, with it’s alluring beauty on one side and it’s unpredictable and commanding nature on the other. While I have always known that I would never scale it’s peaks, I’ve always wanted to hike to Basecamp, and that is what I will be undertaking in a week’s time!

In December, I attended a UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) fundraising event and met some inspiring members of the organisation who were heading to Everest Base Camp in March 2016. The mission to Base Camp is designed to raise awareness and funds for two important UNICEF projects: Nutrition programs in South East Asia and the Nepalese Earthquake appeal. After hearing about UNICEF’s amazing work and dedication to helping marginalised and poverty-stricken children and families across the globe, I asked what I could do to help. Then and there I signed up, committing to raise at least $5000 and to head up to Everest Base Camp on an 18 day trip of a lifetime!

Dr Katrhryn Berry and her group at Mt Everest basecamp

Getting ready to head to Nepal has been a journey in itself. I have walked on average 60kms per week with boots, 10kg pack and ensuring lots of escarpment climbs have been achieved to get my body ready for the trek ahead. Walking has been time to reflect on the plight of millions of children who live in dire circumstances and who lack the things we typically take for granted, such as fresh, clean water. Training has also been a time of raising awareness of friends, family and community members have joined to support me through the kilometers! I am happy to say, I am fitter and healthier than ever and have raised over $7000 that is going directly to support UNICEF and their work.

I will be back with stories and adventures to share in a few weeks and in the meantime, I encourage you to share an act of kindness with someone around you. A small act can make a big difference!

“The smallest act of Kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions” Oscar Wild

From us: is our the personal regular blog posts from QK Staff to you.


Quirky Kid has two titles shortlisted for the London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2016

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2016

We are over the moon with excitement as we have just received confirmation that Quirky Kid has been shortlisted for two ( yes 2) London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2016. Four Australian titles were shortlisted this year with China leading the shortlists with five nominations and the USA and Australia not far behind with four each.

The Best of Friends™ program was shortlisted The Education Initiatives Award, together with Book Aid International (UK) for their work in Sub-Saharan Africa and United Nations – African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) (Sudan).

The Power Up program was shortlisted Educational Learning Resources Award together with Kweetet (Belgium), Cambridge University Press (Australia),  SuperMemo World sp. z o.o. (Poland) The awards, which are held in partnership with the UK Publishers Association (PA), celebrate success in 14 categories, representing the best publishing ambassadors, cutting edge publishing, and ground breaking initiatives in the industry.

The awards, which are held in partnership with the UK Publishers Association (PA), celebrate success in 14 categories, representing the best publishing ambassadors, cutting edge publishing, and ground breaking initiatives in the industry.

Jacks Thomas, Director, The London Book Fair, said: “Now in their third year, the LBF International Excellence Awards are a one-stop showcase for some fantastic innovation and sheer determination to get books and content into the hands of consumers in a variety of classical and creative ways. Just looking at the shortlists makes me want to shout a big three cheers for the global publishing industry and all who work in it!”

Stephen Lotinga, Chief Executive, The UK Publishers Association, said: “These awards are going from strength to strength and demonstrates that excellence in publishing has no geographic boundary. This shortlist shows how, from the USA to China, Argentina to Turkey via France, New Zealand, Poland and of course the UK, there are no shortages of exciting developments in the book and publishing industry.”

The winners of a number of other Awards will also be presented on the night including: The Quantum Publishing Innovation Award, The Association for Publishing Education (APE) Student Awards, The IPA Freedom to Publish Prize, The LBF Trailblazer Awards and The London Book Fair Simon Master Chairman’s Award.

The London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award will also be presented.

The awards, which celebrate international excellence in the book industry, cover the whole scope of international publishing, including academic and scholarly publishing, children’s publishing, literary translation and digital innovation. In each award category the judging panel was made up of experts in that sector.

The LBF International Book Industry Excellence Awards will be an invite-only evening event, and will take place on Tuesday 12 April, the first day of The LBF 2016. The Awards Ceremony will be held at 6.00pm in The Conference Centre, Olympia, London. Dr. Kimberley O’Brien, principal child psychologist and Leonardo Rocker M.A will be representing Quirky Kid during the award night.

  • Fair Dates: Tuesday 12 – Thursday 14 April 2016IEA_logo_2016_shortlist_horizontal


About The London Book Fair (LBF)

The London Book Fair (LBF) is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. Taking place every spring in the world’s premier publishing and cultural capital, it is a unique opportunity to explore, understand and capitalise on the innovations shaping the publishing world of the future. LBF brings you direct access to customers, content and emerging markets. LBF 2016, the 45th Fair, will take place from Tuesday 12-Thursday 14 April 2016, Olympia London. LBF’s London Book and Screen Week will run for the third year, with the book fair as the pivotal three-day event within a seven-day programme. London Book and Screen Week will begin on Monday 11 April. In 2016, LBF’s charity of the year is First Story.

For further information, please visit:

The Publishers Association

The Publishers Association is the leading trade organisation serving book, journal, audio and electronic publishers in the UK. Membership comprises over 100 companies from across the consumer, academic and education sectors. Its core service is representation and lobbying, around copyright, rights and other matters relevant to members, who represent roughly 80% of the industry by turnover.

Purchasing Power up


Hello London

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Presentation at the 2016 London Book Fair

Following our successful presentation during the Chinese Children Book Fair, The Quirky Kid was invited to present at the 2016 London Book Fair.

We are looking forward to sharing our experience and insight into working with children with our colleagues in London. Our presentation is part of the Insights seminar programme comprises over 200 seminars and events, and takes place throughout the full three days of the Fair. Seminars are open to all visitors on a first-come-first-served basis, and are one hour in duration, so make sure to register.

Dr Kimberley O’Brien and Leonardo Rocker, MA will be presenting on developing and publishing social and emotional resources for classrooms and clinics.

The presentation will summarise Quirky Kid’s experience in developing SEL tools.

Supporting children’s Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in the school setting is a challenging task for educators and school counsellors. Research shows students with well-developed social and emotional skills perform better academically, have improved attitudes, less negative behaviours and reduced emotional distress (

Engaging, evidence-based SEL resources for children are paramount for improved student outcomes. Few programs combine the tools and techniques used in the clinic setting with the school curriculum. This seminar will discuss the process of developing and implementing SEL resources for schools and introduce the Quirky Kid range of materials used in clinics and classrooms around the world.

Register online


‘The Best of Friends’™ Program launched in Schools and Clinics

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

The Best of Friends Program in Schools and Clinics

Leading Australian child psychologist Dr Kimberley O’Brien and the team at Quirky Kid Clinic have launched a social emotional learning (SEL) program for use in schools and clinics.

The Best of Friends’™ program was developed in response to increasing demand at schools and the Quirky Kid Clinics to address social and emotional challenges that children experience.

This manualised program has been running since October last year at the Quirky Kid Clinics and is soon to be rolled out at St Catherine’s School in Sydney. It is an innovative resource that helps children to gain the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, show empathy for others, develop and maintain friendships and make good decisions.

Dr O’Brien said SEL opportunities in school settings significantly increase student outcomes both academically and in life.

‘The Best of Friends’™ program engages children with stories, illustrations and interactive activities to help children overcome social and emotional issues in a peer group setting,” said Dr O’Brien.

The program draws on decades of clinical and school experience and extensive research and is presented in a concise format to facilitate SEL for children aged 7 to 11 years.

Publisher of ‘The Best of Friends’™ and co-founder of the Quirky Kid Clinic, Leonardo Rocker said the program integrates with the Australian Curriculum and was shortlisted for the Educational Publishing Awards Australia 2015 and received a special commendation.

The Quirky Kid Clinic has been offering workshops throughout Australia for over 8 years.