Publishing Guideline

Quirky Kid is a Child Psychology Clinic and Publishing House based in Sydney, Australia. We publish innovative, creative and practical resources, books and programs for children, adolescents and families. Our resources are used and appreciated by professionals working with young people and their families around the world.

We specialise in therapeutic/psycho-educational resources and programs as well as children’s books supporting children’s emotional experiences and community development. Our resources need to be applied to day-to-day life and must speak directly to young people. Our resources take time to be developed and are then tested at our clinic and by parents before being made available to the public.

We Publish:

  • Therapeutic cards, games and tools;
  • Psycho-educational programs
  • Children’s Books – 28-26 pages and up to 1000 words
  • Content for the Web, Pads, Mobiles

How to Submit your tool, manuscript, illustration or program?

We develop the majority of our resources in-house by working with our staffed psychologists and educational experts and graphic designers, however, we do welcome other authors and illustrators.

Currently,  we are very selective and rigorous in accepting work due to the current market climate in the publishing industry. Your work needs to be engaging, well supported by practice and appealing for our audience.

On the other hand, we are currently expanding our list of preferred illustrators, so if you would like to have your portfolio received for future consideration, please send us an email to schedule a demonstration.

Your submission should include:

  • Your contact details
  • Cover letter of no more than  2 pages providing a summary of the book, programs or resources; the reason why you wrote it; details of the author’s background and qualifications for writing/developing it.
  • A summarised CV
  • A note on the author’s market/readership opinion
  • Documents need to be professionally formatted

All submissions need to be submitted in hard-copy. No emails or disks will be accepted. You should include a self-addressed return envelope if you would like to receive your submission back. 

We may take up to 2 months to provide you with a response due to our current program development.

The 2018 publishing schedule has already been finalized so any new work will only be published in 2019 and beyond.

Send your work to:
Quirky Kid Publishing
Leonardo Rocker
Po Box 598
Woollahra NSW 2025