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POWER UP – 10 to 16 – SYDNEY

This activity-based performance psychology workshop is designed for children and young people training, seriously engaged or competing at club, regional, state and national level in their chosen sports, academic pursuits or the performing arts.

The workshop provides an abundance of psychological skills and techniques practiced by olympians, academics, prima ballerinas and musical soloists in order to compete at their very best.  

The Power Up! covers six core areas of psychological skills training. Each skill contributes to a performer’s ability to effectively manage the sustained effort required in training and practice, as well as the pressure environment of competition or performance.

This resource was awarded the Best Student Resource (Primary) under the Arts/Humanities category during the 21st  Educational Publishers Awards Australia 2014.

During this workshop we will cover: 

  • Goal setting: Learn and practice how to set clear, specific and relevant goals. Easily.
  • Self-talk: Your inner-voice is very powerful. Learn how to use it to your advantage. Step-by-Step.
  • Imagery: If you imagine you are a champion you are more likely to get there. We will share all the tools.
  • Focus: Identify how to focus on what matters
    the most for your pursuit.
  • Arousal control: Calm down and pump it up. Learn skills to keep your cool or start your fire.
  • Competition planning: Get prepared well before your big event with a simple check list.
  • Ideal performance state: get there and stay there

What is included:

  • 4 sessions (1.5 hour each) for a maximum of 6 participants.
  • An award-winning workbook featuring interactive activities and 6-month online material.
  • 1 x 30 minutes follow up call within 3 months of the program.

Booking Details

10 to 12 yearsTBCTBC6 places left!
13 to 16 yearsThursday 2 July4pm to 530pm6 places left!


Group programs are held at Quirky Kid Sydney: Level 1, Unit 2, 83-85 Queen Street, Woollahra

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Registration is $480 per child ($120 per session). You can now join online and receive a $150 discount.

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