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Lunch & Learn: Mark Dadds ‘Time-out’ in the Age of Attachment and Trauma Informed Treatments.

During this ‘Lunch & Learn’ session we will join Professor Mark Dadds from the University of Sydney address the implications of using ‘time-out’ in parenting. Clinically, ‘time-out’ is a well-established technique that is used in most evident-based parenting programs. More recently, a number of writers and parenting programs argue that it causes harm and compromises positive attachment relationships.

This session will:

  • Explore the debate around whether using ‘time-out’ is harmful and it’s affects on attachment relationships
  • Review evidence for these ideas
  • Present a model of attachment informed discipline that cuts across all concerns.

Who should attend

Professionals working with young people and parents

About the Presenter

As the director of the Sydney Child Behaviour Research Clinic, Prof Mark Dadds is a highly regarded Professor of Psychology at the University of Sydney. He has developed and directed several national intervention programs for children, youth, and their families, at risk for mental health problems. Marks hard work has been recognised by being awarded the Ian Matthew Campbell Award for excellence in Clinical Psychology and a Violence Prevention Award for the Federal Government via the Institute of Criminology.

When / Where:

  • Friday, 22nd September – 12:00 – 1:30pm
  • The Quirky Kid Clinic, Level 1, Unit 2, 83-85 Queen Street, Woollahra NSW


Places are limited and cost has been subsided by Quirky Kid