Dyslexia Assessment

A dyslexia assessment at The Quirky Kid is completed in the context of an comprehensive education assessment to determine the presence of a reading disorder. This often involves the use of two standardised tests, a school observation or school reports and a clinical interview with the child.

To meet the criteria of a reading disorder the child’s reading achievement, as measured by individually administered standardised tests of reading accuracy or comprehension, is substantially below that expected given the person’s chronological age, measured intelligence, and age-appropriate education.

The assessment process typically involves:

* Parent Session
* Assessment with the child
* Interpretation and Report Writing
* Parent Feedback session

You can review comprehensive information about this assessment online at: https://childpsychologist.com.au/service/assessments/

  •  Assessment results are compiled in a detailed psychological report with a summary of clinical observations, background information, medical history and standardised test results prepared and analysed by the psychologist.
  • Currently we have appointments available within the next 2 to 3 weeks both in Sydney and Wollongong.

For more information about our dyslexia assessment process, or to book an assessment for your child please Contact Us