The Best of Friends @ TIGS

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Recently, the Quirky Kid Clinic worked with school staff and students at the Illawarra Grammar School in Wollonong  to facilitate the popular ‘The Best of Friends ™’ in the classroom setting.

Illawarra Grammar School in Wollonong - The Best of Friends Program

The 6 weeks program covered areas such as Making Friends, Social Skills, Empathy, Compromise, and Peacemaking in friendships. 

Students participated in a range of activities including painting, play dough, role play, and presentations while discussing the finer points of friendship and playground issues.

Each child was given a “Quirky Kid Tool Kit” including materials for the day as well as making use of the Quirky Kid Resources. We are very satisfied with parental and school feedback on the positive outcomes the workshop has achieved so far.

Illawarra Grammar School in Wollonong staff were incredible supportive and showed great commitment toward students social development.

  • If you would like some information on ‘The Best of Friends™ workshop for your child’s classroom, please contact us on 02 9362-9297
  • This program has been present in many schools around Sydney like Moriah CollegeSt Thomas, St Catherine’s School and others. We also run our workshops in Sydney, Wollongong, and Melbourne.



Quirky Kid Hub!

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

You’re invited to be part of our QK community! Professionals Space for lease in Woollahra

Quirky Kid has grown and we have expanded our Sydney office and Austinmer office to better accomodate our team and better service our clients. As we focus more on narrowing our expertise and doing more of the things we do best, we would like to call on other professionals to compliment our services, by sharing our space and offering more to our clients.

So today, we announce the creation of the Quirky Kid Hub! The Hub is a shared professional space where creative and talented individuals work independently while surrounded by opportunities to collaborate! We welcome you to make the most of our clinical and creative space to offer consultation, host events or something similar – We are open to ideas!

Who can join the Quirky Kid Hub?

  • Non-competitive service providers;
  • Professionals in need of casual or semi-permanent consulting space in Sydney (Woollahra) or Austinmer;
  • Organisations in need of inspiration and access to creative space.
  • Facilitators in need of workshop space.

What are the benefits of Quirky Kid Hub?

  • You will have access to inspiring, newly furnished and air conditioned work space.
  • Choice of private office or shared desks;
  • Casual and flexible arrangements;
  • Participate in cutting edge professional development opportunities offered by Quirky Kid staff or other Hub Members.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, please give us  a call on 02 9362 9297 to discuss your needs further.

The Quirky Kid Hub is not for you? We also currently have employment opportunities available and would love to hear from you! Please visit our employment pages for more information on how to apply.


Power Up! @ Ed. & Dev. Conference 2012

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Updated: Conference details, pictures, and link to the article.
Come and join Quirky Kid and Psychologist Belinda Jones, at the 2012 Educational and Developmental Psychology Conference for a great preview our new program Power Up! Yes, we are thrilled that our program was accepted as a paper presentation for the 2012 conference.

Last year, we were again rewarded with Kimberley’s presentation during the 2011 conference. This makes us proud as we are keen to contribute with the Educational and Developmental field with innovative tools and resources

Below you can enjoy the abstract of the presentation. Belinda Jones, Psychologist, and Author as well as Quirky Kid’s Director, Leonardo Rocker will be available after the presentation to answer questions and comments.


You can now view the slides we presented during the conference below. For your convenience, we have also created a pdf of the Article.

We were welcomed by a fantastic crowd during the conference. Belinda presented the many aspects of performance psychology for your people, drawing on great examples relating to achieving peak performance. We enjoyed answering questions from other delegates at the ACER stand.

The best news has come from Gymnastic Australia that has now confirmed Power Up as their program of choice for young performers. We will provide more information about this great development soon.

If you have any questions about Power Up! please contact us on 02 9362 9297 to arrange a demonstration.

Download a fact-sheet about Power Up! here 

Purchasing Power up


Performance Psychology For Kids

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

Winner of 2014 Educational Publisher Award

While Australia’s elite sportsmen are aiming for top form in the footy finals, young Australians are also striving to achieve their best: It’s now the ‘business end’ of the year, when kids take to the field in sports finals, school students knuckle down to study for final exams, and young performers prepare for end-of-year eisteddfods.

But how to get the most out of high achievers without overdoing it? A new resource from one of Australia’s leading child psychology practices, The Quirky Kid Clinic™ helps young people perform at their best while maintaining balance and perspective, and not getting burnt out.

‘Power Up!’ is a step-by-step program that enables schools and clubs to adopt the type of performance psychology used by elite athletes, performers, and musicians. Young people striving to perform at high levels in sports, performance, music or academia (including the end of year exams) can benefit from these techniques. They include goal setting, self-talk, imagery, arousal regulation, focus and competition planning.

Quirky Kid Clinic’s principal child Psychologist, Kimberly O’Brien says: “Know- ing how to reach your performance peak is more effective than endless hours of coaching. Power Up! is about avoiding burnout and enjoying what you do best”.

Power Up! will be distributed by the Australian Council of Educational Research. ACER’s National Sales Manager Eirini Lamni says the program is an “innovation in the way we approach high performing kids. By focusing on the path towards goals rather than just the end-point, young people are armed with useful, healthy strategies to perform at their best. It’s an excellent resource.”

Power Up! was launched on the 26th of September at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, in partnership with Football United. Football United organizes soccer matches, tournaments, and camps, providing opportunities for young refugees, or kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to socialise, form networks, and to excel on the sports field.

Power Up! was recently awarded the Best Student Resource (Primary) in the Arts/Humanities category of the 2014 Educational Publishing Awards.

In the words of the judges at the recent 2014 Educational Publishing Awards, Power Up!…

“… is unique in its approach in helping students enhance performance to achieve success by identifying and improving cognitive strategies. Clearly presented, well designed and practical in its application, it delivers contemporary and relatable video content.”

View some pictures of the launch event on our Facebook Page
More information about Power Up! is available at
To register to a workshop visit our workshop registration page

Purchasing Power up

Top 4 Tips for young performers:
  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basketAlthough you might feel like you should do nothing but train or practice it actually won’t do you any favours regarding your performance. You are much more than just your athletic talent or creative ability. Remember to develop yourself as a whole person and keep your studies, job, social life and family relationships as normal as possible.
  2. Use setbacks as opportunities for learningThere is no doubt that reaching the elite or professional level as a teenager means that you have a lot of talent! You can make every experience count, even if your performance was dismal! Take note of your strengths and identify your weaknesses, and then set about learning from your mistakes.
  3. Don’t buy into the hype!

    Athletes and performers who achieve long-term success usually stay well grounded, keeping everything in perspective. Work with your coaches, teachers, agents, psychologist or media trainer to feel confident and in control in the public arena.
  4. Look after yourself

    You dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to train and practice to achieve success and reach your potential, however like everyone else; you can become ill or injured. Make sure your decisions are keeping your long-term future in mind as well as your present needs. Always consult with medical professionals when making decisions about coming back from illness or injury.

For more tips visit:


Our New Home Page

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Posted on by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff)

We launched our award-winning website nearly 3 years ago and it was about time to refresh it a bit.

Welcome to our  new home page.

It offers a range of new features to clearly promote the work we do and allow for better communication with our growing range of visitors. We hope you like the changes. More and more fact-sheets are added each day as well as products and resources from our sister-site , the Quirky Kid Shoppe.