Michal Fisher

Michal Fisher is a registered psychologist at the Quirky Kid Clinic in Woollahra. She completed her Master’s degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology at Monash University (2014-2016) and is currently register program for approved area of practice (Ed. and Dev. Psychology).

At Monash University, as part of her Honours degree in 2012, Michal studied the relationship between sleep and attention in children as well as identifying strategies to enhance attention and concentration of children in a school environment.

In 2013, she was employed as an Educational Support at Yavneh College. Michal worked with a large number of students with a range of intellectual, emotional and developmental disabilities, such as autism and ADHD.

In 2014, she completed her training as a ABA therapist at the Lizard Children’s Centre. She worked for 1.5 years as an ABA therapist assisting families with children Autism Spectrum Disorder, providing individualised programs to each child helping them to learn, retain and generalise skills.

Concurrently with her Master’s degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology (Monash 2014-2016) Michal completed an internship at Krongold Clinic in Melbourne. This involved assessing children and adolescents using a wide range of cognitive, academic and behavioural assessments, writing reports for parents and schools that enabled them to develop learning strategies, carrying out diagnostic assessments and providing goal-focussed and evidence-based interventions.

Also as part of her Master’s degree, Michal conducted a research project addressing the need for improving work skills of adults with autism, with the intent of increasing our understanding of the mechanisms that motivate people with ASD.

Since 2015, at the Quirky Kid Clinic, Michal is responsible for both clinical and psychometric assessments and in tailoring intervention programs to meet the individual needs of children and families. Michal regularly facilitating group workshops and programs such as  ‘The Best of Friends’ (Social Emotional Learning), Why Worry? And Power Up!

Michal is under the supervision of Dr. Kimberley O’Brien.

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