Dawn Young

Dawn Young is employed as a Senior Psychologists at the Quirky Kid Clinic in Woollahra. She brings with her a range of experience from her work both in Australia and in the U.K. Since qualifying with a Master’s Degree in Applied Science (Psychology), Dawn has worked across a range of settings with children, adolescents and parents.

She began her career working as a Psychologist in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit at Western Hospital, Melbourne.  From there she moved to The Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, where she worked for many years in a research-based clinic specialising in School Refusal. She later became co-ordinator of another research-based clinic: The Berriga House Adolescent Depression Clinic.

The lure of travel took her overseas to London, U.K. in 1997.  There, she spent ten years specialising in Paediatric Psychology.  At St George’s Hospital in South London, she gained experience working with children with varying medical conditions including diabetes, immune system disorders (including allergies), leukaemia, metabolic conditions, obesity and psychosomatic complaints.  Many of the children she saw were experiencing common childhood behavioural problems, but others experienced psychological issues specific to their diagnosis and treatment (e.g. problems taking medication, needle phobias, social anxieties, cognitive and learning difficulties).

Most recently, she worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London.  In this large Paediatric teaching hospital, she worked as a Principal Clinical Psychologist for the Haematology, Immunology and Oncology teams.  In that role, she provided inpatient and outpatient assessments and interventions, ran group programs, administered a range of cognitive and educational assessments and undertook clinical research.

Dawn has always gained great satisfaction from her work as a Psychologist and particularly enjoys the interaction with children/adolescents and their families.  She typically works within a cognitive-behavioural framework and is a strong advocate for an evidence-based approach to clinical practice.

Dawn is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and a Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Dawn works closely with our principal child psychologist Kimberley O’Brien and clinical psychologist Dr. Kathryn Berry.