Barbara Gonzalez

Barbara is Editor for Online and Print Media at Quirky Kid.

In addition to crossing T’s and dotting I’s for the QK Website and Resources, Barbara is part of the creative team dedicated to developing new ideas for bringing practical and imaginative therapeutic resources to the public.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts (UNSW) she was employed by ABC TV where, for ten years, she worked primarily in the children’s television department. As script writer for the popular children’s program, Play School, Barbara developed a strong understanding of the styles of communication that effectively engage children. She also worked in the Marketing department where she wrote and produced promotional material for television.

Barbara is also an avid writer of children’s stories with her most recent story published in 2009 (Harper Collins). When she isn’t busy stringing sentences together, she has her head in a book as she is currently completing a Dip/MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy.